Management Team

At GHD, our team has the experience necessary to fully understand our clients’ personal and professional goals, and possess the technical expertise to serve their complex needs. We are committed to providing superior customer service and believe that building personal relationships with clients is a vital component of our success.

While our GHD team that serves you is 60 members strong, we invite you to learn more about our highly focused and dedicated management team. Click on the names below for a biographical summary of each GHD management team member.

Steve Guarini


Tom Beard


Cathy Lorenz


Mike Lorenz


Kathy Walsh


Ron Tank


Dave Wilton

Director of Information Technology Services

Aaron Caya

Consulting Director

David Hammel

President of GHD Forensics, LLC

Kent A. Dickerson

Senior Manager

Shari McCarty

Senior Manager

Staci Rewalt-Kolasa

Senior Manager

Roula Tsaprailis

Senior Manager

Daniel P. Michael

Senior Manager

Renee Wrobel

Senior Manager

Nancy Spalding

Senior Manager

Paul Abke

IT Manager

Aileen Canu

Director of Human Resources

Brenda Overbay

Firm Administrator